Basil AlZeri
Golboo Amani
Cressida Kocienski
Maryam Taghavi

.sight.specific. proposes performance art as the staging of sight as site: observation as contour, terrain, and architecture for modes of aesthetic embodiment. The project consists of four commissioned live works in search for situated perspectives on the possibilities of performance as a contextual spatial practice. The works situate artists and audience by trading knowledge on the streets, tracing trans-planetary sight-lines, creating home and hospitality in real time through cyberspace, and staging variations on absurdity. The shapes of these relationships brings into focus questions of knowledge and memory, contact and distance, longing and belonging.

Co-presented by Xpace Cultural Centre

Every Friday and Saturday in March, 2-6pm
Performance: The School of Bartered Knowledge by Golboo Amani

Friday March 8, 8pm
Performance: Planetaria by Cressida Kocienski

Friday March 15, 8pm
Performance (and dinner): T.M.K.L Presents: beit Suad by Basil AlZeri
Co-presented by FUSE Magazine and Israeli Apartheid Week Toronto

[[FUSE Magazine 36-2: Palestine-Palestine, featuring a project by Basil AlZeri, will be available for purchase.]]

Saturday and Sunday March 16-17, 1pm (FREE)
Workshop (and lunch): T.M.K.L Presents: beit Suad by Basil AlZeri

Friday March 22, 8pm
Performance: Variations on Absurdity by Maryam Taghavi

Thursday March 28, 7-11pm (FREE)
Opening: .sight.specific exhibition of residue/ephemera
Closing: Xpace exhibitions

Saturday March 30, 2pm (FREE)
Panel Discussion: Viewing .sight.specific.
With: Basil AlZeri, Golboo Amani, Cressida Kocienski, Maryam Taghavi
Moderated by Johanna Householder with Francisco-Fernando Granados


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