1) Bell's pyramid structurally resonates with the thing which it observes, implying a tacit interrelationship between the observed and the observer. The observer lifts the observed into a language which formally replicates the structure and relative performance of the kites. It is a site of empirical judgement. By re-placing this structure it breaks the specific binarism of the structural interrelationship and brings the building into a form of visibility. Without a specific object of observation the gaze inside structure can either fix on the wall ahead, containing white sheets of text that announce and frame the works, or turn inwards towards the analysis of its own being and mechanism.

2) Is it a hide? It is camouflaged, and assembled from the materials of the site. Must a hide hide?

3) Is it a Medusa? When it is removed from the works which it could purposefully observe and held static in an antechamber to the main site of 'work', it is no longer in a direct relationship with a protagonist, or the role of a protagonist, who is free to wander through the terrain of the narrative, but assumes the topological fixity of secondary characters in mythology who are held in position waiting for a protagonist to engage with them.

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