antepress @ David Roberts Art Foundation, Wednesday 20th January 2010

For his first solo exhibition in London since 2007, Damien Roach presents Shiiin, Jet Stream, White earphones. This multi-layered project sees Roach continuing his research into modes of perception and understanding, analytical thought, creativity and mental freedom. Beginning by looking at the object of an exhibition in its most simple terms - as space and time - Roach has set about creating an environment in which these two fundamentals can be used to their fullest potential.

Roach employs an ambitious and constantly shifting exhibition design, transforming the gallery into a liminal space between lounge and garden - sites that find counterparts in the most open and public communal spaces (airport lounges, parks) and the most enclosed and private situations (living room, home, garden). Borrowing expertise and problem-solving approaches from disciplines as seemingly diverse as architecture, improvised music, garden design, psychoanalysis, stand-up comedy, Quantum Physics and philosophy, the exhibition space becomes a dynamic site of potentially constructive frictions and a bridge between, or rather a conflation of, both inside and outside, public and private.

A series of wide-ranging discussions, lectures, screenings and events will take place during the course of the exhibition, offering the audience the opportunity to engage with the space more as users than viewers.


Saturday 16th January, 2.45 pm: Zurich-based curator and critic Burkhard Meltzer will present and discuss his research project Prototype - furniture in and art design.
Wednesday 20th January, 7 pm: Experimental lecture on 'ekphrasis' by imprint and project platform antepress, followed by organ music from the Organ Octet.
Wednesday 27th January, 7pm: Screening of excerpts from Fun to Image (1983) a documentary about Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman, followed by live music and projections by band Hype Williams.
Saturday 30th January, 1 pm: Charlie Woolley will transmit his radio station RADIO SHOW live from the gallery, joined by curator Paul Pieroni.
Wednesday 3rd February, 7 pm: Sebastian Boyle introduces an evening of live projections and films related to the seminal event Son et Lumiere for Earth, Fire and Water by Mark Boyle and Joan Hills from 1966.
Saturday 6th February, 2.45 pm: Philosopher Sue Golding/Johnny De Philo will plunge the gallery into total pitch-darkness to envelop the space with her live, spoken 'fractal philosophy installation' The Assassination of Time.
Wednesday 17th of February, 7 pm: Laura Mulvey will introduce the screening of her and Peter Wollen's groundbreaking film Riddles of the Sphinx (1977).
Saturday 20th February, 2.45 pm: Psychoanalyst Noga Wine will present the lecture The Drive and the Unconscious: two psychoanalytic concepts, which sustain the dimensions of time and space.
Wednesday 24th February, 7 pm: Live music performances by bands Temperatures and Sculpture close the events programme.

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